Meadow Lakes Park and Sports Field

Meadow Lakes Park is located at 1205 N. Kim Drive in Meadow Lakes Alaska. It is a 34 acre park of which 22 acres has been developed. The remaining 12 acres is woodland with a hidden stream and walking trails. The park is bordered by 120 acres of Mat-Su Borough undeveloped land and 80 acres of partially developed state land. Our volunteers at work!

Reserve the pavilion, soccer field, softball fields - 2, tennis/pickleball court, or basketball court for FREE.
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The developed park has the following amenities and facilities;

  • Pavilion with two park barbecues and 9 tables
  • Fenced playground with swings & equipment for both toddlers & older children
  • Full size soccer field
  • Two little league baseball diamonds
  • Basketball court
  • Combination pickleball/tennis court
  • Men’s & women’s vault toilets
  • Access via paved road and both parking lots are paved

The 12 acres of woodland

  • Hidden stream
  • Walking Trails

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Trails - There are two trails in the Meadow Lakes Park - the Woodland Trail and the Perimeter Trail. The Meadow Lakes Community Council has also developed two additional trails - Bench Lake Trail and Visnaw Lake Trail.
See more information about our trails.

Plans for the 40-Acre Woods - Meadow Lakes Trail Park Design July 2022

Walk the Woodland Trail at the Park - photos

Meadow Lakes Community Park Trail Bridge Construction
Helical Pilings for the bridges were installed by Techno Metal Post Alaska Feb. 27th.
Meadow Lakes Park was increased by 40 acres with the addition of the 40 Acre Wood. The Meadow Lakes Community Council decided to keep the land undeveloped, so that Mat-SAR could use it for training. Mat-SAR K9 Search & Rescue requires 40 acres of undeveloped land for certification.

Meadow Lakes Community Development 501(c)3, president Ariel Cannon obtained grant money from Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation for the construction of the trail system, including building bridges across the creek which runs through the site.

Today the helical bridge pilings were installed. The following people helped make the grant go further by donating their time and labor. Thank you to:
Ariel Cannon
Alan Leonard
Stephen Edwards

40 Acree Wood Bridge Pilings

bridge construction

Sports Field

The sports fields are free to use anytime unless there is an existing event. Donations and volunteer hours are appreciated to assist with field upkeep.

Reserve the sports field or pavilian. Check the calendar and make a reservation.

Meadow Lakes Community 40 Acre Park

Meadow Lakes Community 40 Acres

The Pavillian is available for rental. Great for birthday parties, family cookouts,
business barbeque. Reserve early. Free/donations accepted.


Meadow Lakes Community Orchard - see details here
Meadow Lakes Community Development Inc. has received funding from Mat-Su Health Foundation to create a community orchard in Meadow Lakes Park west of the basketball court and tennis/pickleball court.



Art in the Park





Art in the Park!

Hab Academy used the Park for "Art in the Park".

Tye dye shirts were made with with squirt guns!!
They got their creative juice flowing.


Community picnic at the pavillian Clean up picnic


MAT+SAR Search and Rescue
using the field for training.

MAT+SAR Training MAT+SAR Training

MLCC Soccer Field
The soccer field has been inspected and the field was given the okay for official league games. Hope to see some league play at Meadow Lakes Sports Field in the future.